Application Process

img_3229Funding proposals must be received before September 30 to be considered for our annual funding cycle.

Proposal Format

Please limit narrative to no more than five pages (not including attachments). Address for electronic submission is

  1. Cover Letter
    • Should include contact information for organization seeking funds
    • Brief description of the organization including its history, purpose, and goals
    • What population does your organization serve? What geographic area?
  2. Proposal Narrative – Please address the following
    • Brief description of project or program for which funds are being requested including timeline for implementation and evaluation.
    • Who is the target population? How will they benefit?
    • Are there other partners in the project? What are their roles?
    • What are the project goals?
    • How will you know when your goals have been met?
    • What is the budget for this project? How will the money be spent?
    • If the project is going to continue beyond the grant period how will it be funded? Where else have you sought funds?
  3. Required Attachments
    • Copy of IRS status determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
    • Copy of employment non-discrimination policy. If your organization does not have any employees or a formal policy, an affirmation of support of non-discrimination policies is acceptable. This can take the form of a letter of affirmation signed and dated by a director of the organization. Hesed Foundation supports a broad definition of non-discrimination inclusive of federally protected classes as well as sexual orientation and gender identity.
    • List of Board of Directors with affiliations.
    • Organization’s current operating budget including expenses and revenue. Please include most recent annual financial statement, and audit, if available.
  4. Optional Attachments
    • Letters of support

Selected organizations will receive a letter of notification and a check by the end of the year.