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Within Judaism, there are two different but interrelated concepts or moral action and behavior – Tzedakah (sacred practice of charity) and gemilut hasadim (sacred practice of loving kindness).  Jewish tradition distinguishes between them in several ways.  The essential difference is already evident in the roots of the words: Tzedakah derives fromtzedek (justice, righteousness), and gemilut hasadim derives from hesed (loving kindness, grace, steadfast love.) The Hesed Foundation believes tzedakah to be a core component of social justice.  According to the Talmud, the most virtuous form of giving comes through the promotion of self-sufficiency by offering employment and assisting a person in need; in short, the improvement of the human condition.

About the Hesed Foundation

The Hesed Foundation is dedicated to the improvement and enhancement of human life and the strengthening of communities. Hesed seeks to achieve these goals by supporting programs that enhance the lives and welfare of all people, particularly those in underrepresented populations and communities. Specifically we fund programs relating to youth and education, health, and community building. In addition we reserve a percentage of our annual giving for discretionary projects of interest to the board.

The Hesed foundation does not fund individuals or political organizations. The best way to get an idea of our funding priorities is to examine our past recipients.  In 2019 grants ranged from $250 to $10,000; the average grant was $4000  We reserve the right to partially fund proposals.

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